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Terrazzo Whirligig Concrete Basin


Terrazzo Whirligig Concrete Basin

Whirligig concrete spun basin with a coloured concrete chips cast into the concrete.

Available in our 36 signature colours with up to 5 colours of terrazzo chips of your choice. Choose 1 colour for your base and up to 5 colours of terrazzo chips. 
Have specific colours in mind? Then use our colour match service.

- Measures  
- No overflow
- C
ompatible with all standard wastes
- Available in our signature colours & our colour match             service 

Due to the bespoke nature of this product, all basins are made to order and lead times will vary. An approximate lead time will be given upon enquiry (normally 3-4 weeks).

Please see product specifications

Unlike other basins made from concrete, our Whirligig Concrete Basin is made by pouring colored concrete into a form and then spun using centrifugal force until fully set. Hence the name Whirligig - 'continuously swirls'.

This means that you will have a completely unique basin in how it's made and how it looks as no two basins will ever look the same.
We have a few tricks up our sleeves to reduce any tiny little holes caused from the casting process, to make cleaning the surface easier. Read 'How to care for your Sam Lander sink.' 

After being spun, each Whirligig Basin is drilled, cut and polished. The polishing process takes a few hours to achieve a beautiful smooth surface inside and out.


The Whirligig basin is sealed with the latest development in sealers to protect against stains/marks & fungal/bacteria build up.
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