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All Sam Lander products are easy to maintain, to keep them looking as fresh as when they first arrived to you.  


How to: 


  • Do NOT use any kind of chemicals (for example bleach) on your concrete material. If this does happen then rinse immediately.  

  • OF COURSE you can put soap bottles on the material, as the ‘Zem’ sink has a built in tray. However, try to avoid leaving excess soap around the base of the bottle for prolonged periods. Wipe this clean and reposition.  

  • DO NOT use any abrasive scrubbing materials on the sink, as this will damage the surface.  

  • MOST marks are easily removed with a damp cloth and lots of rinse with cold water. MAKE SURE to wipe dry afterwards with a towel to stop any water marks left behind.  

  • THE MAIN THING is to use the product, as the product is there to be used and the material is very resilient. HOWEVER if a stain or a mark does appear (for example; toothpaste), then use a green scouring pad. IF YOU'RE NOT SURE ON WHAT THIS IS THEN PLEASE GET IN TOUCH TO DOUBLE CHECK. When using this, MAKE SURE you only apply a little pressure on to the stained or dirty area. Then RINSE with cold water excessively and wipe dry with a towel to MAKE SURE there isn't any water marks left behind. 


This method should get rid of most stains or marks.  

If the area goes a slight lighter colour then you will need to re-seal this with the sealer available through us. Please get in touch to order this.  

You may also want to re-seal your concrete products to further protect them every few years. This is a very easy process taking around 5 minutes to do so. DON'T use anything else than our sealer, which is available via contact us page.  


Any questions on caring for your concrete or what to expect with the material then please get in touch and we're happy to help or order a sample to see before you buy.  


Sinks may develop scratches and marks over time which will add to its character and are a natural progression in a natural material. This should not need to be resealed.  

Natural progression including grazing, chipping may occur over time and will not be considered a default by Sam Lander.  




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