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All Sam Lander products are easy to maintain, to keep them looking as fresh as when they first arrived to you.  


How to clean – 

Use the concrete cleaner provided (please contact us for this) & small brush. 

  • Firstly when the sink is wet try using the brush provided & brush over any areas which you can see dirt build up.

  • Brush in a circular motion. 

  • Then rinse off with water. 

  • If this still doesn’t clean the dirt out then follow these steps – 

  • When the sink is completely dry, spray the cleaner onto the dirty areas. 

  • Leave for 5 Minutes

  • Then brush with the small brush provided in circular motions. This will bring any dirt out. 

  • Rinse off well with water.

Wipe dry with a microfiber

You may also want to re-seal your concrete products to further protect them every few years. This is a very easy process taking around 5 minutes to do so. DON'T use anything else than our sealer, which is available via contact us page.  


Any questions on caring for your concrete or what to expect with the material then please get in touch and we're happy to help.


Sinks may develop scratches and marks over time which will add to its character and are a natural progression in a natural material. This should not need to be resealed.  

Natural progression including grazing, chipping may occur over time and will not be considered a default by Sam Lander.  




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