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These Spun Pendant Lights are produced using centrifugal force. The only mould is for the outline of the shade, this gives Sam full freedom to pour a coloured mineral powder and a water based resin to his desired patterns. Once Sam is happy with the patterns created, he can then turn the machine he specifically produced on, spinning the material to the required speed to create the form of the shade. From here the shades go through various stages of being hand sanded, cut, drilled, and finally polished. 

Each one of these Spun Pendant Lights are completley unique, never to be re-created.


This Spun Pendant Light comes with chrome fixings included. 

Spun Pendant Light

  • Spun shade: 420mm diameter
  • x 2 suspension cable lengths included:
  1. 500mm length
  2. 800mm length 
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