>. terrazzo whirligig basins.

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Unlike the manufacture of many vanity wash basins, the whirligig basins are produced using centrifugal force. The only mould is for the outline of the basin, this gives Sam full freedom to pour coloured concrete to his desire patterns, over ordinary casting techniques in a mould. Once Sam is happy with the patterns created, he can then turn the machine he specifically produced on, spinning the concrete to the required speed to create the form of the basin. From here the basins go through various stages of being hand sanded, cut, drilled, counterunk and finally polished and sealed. 

This is Sams 16th Century, Italian, twist using terrazzo patterning in the whirligig basin shape. Terrazzo is a very popular design at the moment and Sam uses coloured concrete chips in the concrete mix, to produce this finish.

Each one of these basins are completley unique, never to be re-created. 

- made for a vanity/countertop unit.

- standard waste pipe fixing (not included).

- sealed to protect against fungul build up, stains and marks.

- can be used with a wall mounted mixer/tap or a tall mixer/tap. 

£1,019.00 inc. VAT

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