In a galaxy not so far away Sam Lander was born in Chesterfield Royal Hospital, 1994. From here Sam always had a love for design, many Christmases were spent annoying family members with the noise of rustling Lego.

Sam later went on to study Three Dimensional Design at Manchester School of Art, were he developed the early stages of the Centrifugal Machine, to produce such products as the Whirligig Vanity Basins. From here Sam was put forward by Manchester School of Art to exhibit at New Designers, London, 2017. It was here Sam won his first award for the use of concrete material in the Centrifugal Machine. Sam went on to show various products of his making in places such as The National Design & Craft Centre, Sleaford and Mint shop, Knightsbridge.

Sam in 2019 developed the Whirligig Vanity Basin which saw him win the second award from Homes & Gardens Magazine, 2019.